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Custom Filter Fuzz

Custom 60s-style Gain Machine w/ Filter & EQ

The Filter Fuzz is the Hiwatt Custom Shop's tone-obsessed take on your favourite Classic '60s Fuzz. Designed through collaboration of two Hiwatt Custom Shop heavyweights, the Filter Fuzz aims to offer old-school all-analog sensibility with extended gain and frequency-range. A historical nod to the '69 sounds produced on the album Grand Funk; this 'free-love' moment between a Musicraft Messenger guitar and a Heathkit Fuzz has been the tone-chasing inspiration for our filter section.



    • 1/4" Mono Input
    1/4" Mono Input
    • Master Volume: Adjusts the output volume. Unity comes relatively early, with massive boost capability following.
    • Fuzz: Clockwise increases saturation and sustain. This control has been optimized in the interest of even linear response, beginning with subtle (allowing the volume boost and tone controls to be utilized and shine independent of the distortion) and topping out unwieldy.
    • 3-Way Rotary Filter Switch: Three hand-selected low-cut filters, optionally engaged using the filter bypass footswitch. Can be utilized to emphasize a mid-pushed, parked-wah, punchy, lo-fi vibe. Interacts heavily with the Master volume and Fuzz controls. This filter can have extreme impact through interaction with other controls, sometimes causing spitting, zippery, gated, and octave-like responses. Also offers a perceptual boost which can be used to kick just above unity or push leads to the forefront.
    • Thick: Carefully curated to optimize low-frequency response. Clockwise emphasizes low frequencies, Counterclockwise cuts low frequencies and allows mid-range and top-end clarity to shine through. This EQ control comes pre-gain, acting as a one-size-fits-all tone-shaper from thundering, wooly, subby clockwise to forward, bright and biting counter-clockwise.
    • Filter Bypass
    • Effect Bypass
    • Internal Bias Trim Pot: Clockwise increases volume and clarity of the circuit, Counterclockwise emphasizes spitting, gating.
    height85mm (~4")
    width106mm (~5")
    depth235mm (~10")
    weight0.85 Kg (~2 lbs)