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This product is proudly handwired in the Hiwatt Custom Shops HANDWIRED

SE212115F SUPER-LO Cab

Low-Range Bass Cab w/ 2x12" & 1x15" Fane Sovereign Speakers

The difference between sounding good and sounding great might just be your Speaker Cab. Often overlooked but just as important as a great amplifier and guitar/bass, is the Cab you are playing through. Historic Hiwatt construction methods and dimensions can withstand decades of touring as well as handle the extreme SPL's (sound pressure levels) our Hi-Wattage Speakers produce. These Hiwatt Cabinets are Engineered to resonate 'in all the best ways' making an important contribution to the overall tone produced.


  • 1/4" Mono Input (1x15" Only)
  • 1/4" Mono Input (2x12" Only)
  • 1/4" Mono Input (2x12" & 1x15" in Parallel)
height780mm (~31")
width760mm (~30")
depth330mm (~13")
weight46 Kg (~102 lbs)
  • Road Ready — Rugged 18mm Birch-Ply Construction
  • Band Ready — Individually tested by our Custom Shop Technicians
  • Meticulously hand-wired to Harry Joyce’s exacting military standards.